Boogie Fever has closed it’s doors.  We will be opening Twist Night Club in July once our renovations are completed.  In July we will also be opening up The Twisted Tavern in the front of our building.  We are very excited to bring two gorgeous new establishments to Ferndale all under one roof. 

Check for updates on this page and when our new website and facebook pages are completed we will redirect you to them.  Thank you for your continued patience and support.


Boogie Fever offers our guests complimentary reservations. To obtain a reservation simply click on the ‘Reservation Request’ link and input the information for your party. We will respond within 24 hours of your request with an email confirming your time of arrival. Once you have confirmed your arrival time we will follow up with a confirmation email. We have limited office hours so calling our main line directly slows down the process when making reservations.

Fridays and Saturdays we hold reservations until 9pm. At 9pm your reservation will be canceled. At 9pm your reservation will be canceled. We cannot make exceptions regardless of your circumstance. ‘Our limo is running late’ is not reason enough as we give you plenty of advance notice to plan your night.

Friday and Saturday nights there is no cover charge before 9pm. We give everyone the same opportunity to avoid the cover charge before 9pm and we do not make exceptions to this rule even if you have a party bus or limo coming. Please make arrangements to come early if you want your group to get in for free. After 9pm the cover charge is $3 on Friday and $7 on Saturday.

When you arrive at Boogie Fever and get to your section you can expect an area to party in but we do not guarantee a seat for everyone. Most of the time this is not an inconvenience as people in your party will walk around or go dancing throughout the evening. For parties of 20 or more we can only provide a limited amount of seating. You will have a place to hang out and mingle in but we can’t guarantee a seat for everyone.

Please don’t pre-party too much. We cannot allow a patron to enter or remain on our premises if you are visibly intoxicated. While we love people riding safely in a limo or bus, we can’t change the Michigan Law so please don’t overdo it.

Some rules to observe while partying at Boogie Fever.

  • Always over 21. Your younger sister who is 20 will have to wait till next year.
  • Sure. Bring balloons, cake, plates and forks.
  • We can’t pull tables together or the Fire Marshal will get really mad at us!
  • We take people ‘first come first serve.’ Door Hosts will not take bribes.
  • Must keep hands and feet to yourself and have a good attitude.
  • No guys with tank tops, only women cuz they look better!
  • No sweat suits, baseball hats, think Funky not Junky!
  • Must not have on too much cologne. No excessive jewelry hanging out!
  • Democrats may be subject to a ‘service charge’ Hee hee!
  • No stupidity please. ASK A SECURITY HOST TO HELP YOU!
  • Do not bring in Alcohol, for a present or consumption as it’s against the law
  • Listen and be kind! Walk don’t run!
  • Guys learn to approach women with charm. Don’t grab her arm!
  • No push-up bras, its False Advertising.
  • Respect others personal space, don’t boogie in their square!